Corinne Lynch is an advertising sales veteran who’s worked in publishing for 25 years.  She’s a wife, mom, kickass cook, Chardonnay enthusiast, weekend gardener, runner,  closet writer, follower of Jesus who, that said, has to reform her character on a daily basis to keep people from gasping  in disbelief that someone who calls herself a “Christian” could do and say some of things she’s done and said.

Diary of a Real Life is a discovery about finding faith in everyday things. It’s about learning and starting over and it’s about our collective search for God, whether we acknowledge it or not.

One comment

  • You forgot to mention that you are one heck of a Rock Star wannabe, as in front-woman of several iterations of the MNI Band. And frankly, I’ve seen you dance, and I think you dance pretty darn good.

    I miss working with you and sooooo many of our other great friends. Now that you’re back and managing the Dallas office, let me know if there’s an opportunity to step back into the role to regain and renew the momentum that was in place. You understand the value of solid business relationships and how they can make or break the company’s growth.

    Let’s catch up soon. All the best to you . . .



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